Yoga teaching schedule

“The individual can live with awareness, discrimination, and confidence one the mind is calm and focused. Yoga is the alchemy that generates this equilibrium.”

~BKS Iyengar



“Abide and delight in the steady, everlasting Self that is seated within the heart of all beings”     Sthira Sukham Asanam

Yoga teaching schedule

Join me for 90 minutes at our sacred space! Aliven, Awaken and Rekindle your heart.


Monday 9:30-11:00 AM

Our morning practice provides an opportunity to set an intention of the day/week as we explore sacred movement. This inspiring class will energize the mind and body, thru conscious flow of asana, pranayama and mantra. Postures are held with focused breath and awareness to ignite the Rasa (vital essence) present in the body. The culmination of our time together is a deep connection to Bhava (the Divinity within our hearts).

All levels are welcome to dive into this fluid reality…Om Shanti

Yogalution Movement   in long beach

heart openers in Bali

heart openers in Bali



Restorative Yoga Sessions

A relaxing and therapeutic practice using blocks, blankets, and pillows to support the body and mind to learn to let go. I highly recommend this form of Yoga for reducing stress, balancing any hormonal and digestive issues and pure relaxation!

Privates: 1hr- $75

Group classes – Suggested donation $13

Art of Letting Go

Art of Letting Go



Yoga Teacher Trainings

Please visit my Yoga teacher training 2016 for upcoming journeys.


loving Tavarua Fiji

loving Tavarua Fiji



Anita Sundaram  | |  skype: anita.sundaram1

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