Anita Sundaram – Yoga Teacher Training 2016 Schedule


With humility ( an open heart and mind ),we embrace the sacred study of  Yoga. ~ Sutra 1.1 Nischala Joy Devi


jiwa damaii shala

Sacred Yoga Shala ~ Bali 200hr YTT

BALI  May 1-24, 2016 / Nov 1 – 21, 2016

Do you ever wonder what Yoga really is? If it is more than just fitness? More than a modern hippy fad? Do you have a desire to know what it is really all about? If so, then Yoga Teacher Training Course is the place for you. Join me and our amazing teachers in the heart of Bali for this Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training that will teach you what yoga really is, a journey of the heart! Truly life transforming!




GUATEMALA   Feb 8 – 28, 2016 /  Oct0ber 1-21, 2016

This 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training program will give you much more than a certificate. It will be a personally focused journey that you share with others. We are all on our own path, but that path leads us to the same place. In this way we can support each other through the process. Participate in this 200hour training that will focus on living yoga on and off your mat. Join Anita and Goyo for 21 days in Paradise and transform your experience in daily life.




d shiva 9

Dancing Shiva at Daku Resort in Fiji

FIJI Sept 3-26, 2016

Join Anita  for 24 days in Paradise. Participate in this 200hour training that will focus on living yoga on and off your mat. Fiji, an idyllic Pacific setting with opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive, go boating with dolphins. There’s also a real joy in doing yoga in the warmth – never any need for socks even in the morning, constantly warm muscles to power you through the sun salutations, and only occasionally a need for a covering in the longest of savasana ah’s.

Contact:  or  Anita Sundaram ~


costa rica image

Playa Grande beach in Costa Rica

COSTA RICA July 1st-21st, 2016

We will journey to Playa Grande Costa Rica where we will live and immerse ourselves into the teachings of yoga for 24 days. Costa Rica is an adventurers paradise, offering a wide array of activities and sites to explore and enjoy on days off; the RipJack Inn offers surfing, diving, sailing and snorkeling, as well as, beautiful beaches and a great restaurant. With SYS you will delve deeper into the practices of yoga, learning to integrate yoga as a lifestyle, while enjoying all of the bounty this area has to offer.


Other upcoming journeys will be INDIA in 2017!

Stay tuned ♥ OM Shanthi


My home – India!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ~Lao-tzu




                 Anita Sundaram  | |  Skype: anita.sundaram1

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