Spa & Wellness

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Ayurvedic facial treatments in Ojai, CA

Spa & Wellness

Much of my career has been in the Luxury Spa Industry. I was a founding member at Aveda Corporation, a Global Lifestyle brand focusing on beauty, fashion, and wellness. 

As an international trainer I facilitated and launched countless luxury spas and retail locations all over the world. I have hosted and led corporate retreats, inspiring and motivating people to live a healthy lifestyle.

We are all moving at such a fast pace, does it not feel like a top spinning out of control ? Even more so we are hungry to connect back with the spirit of Nature, a time and place where we can exhale, slow down and Breathe. Welcome to your inner sanctuary!  Yoga, Ayurveda Spa, Rituals and Retreats, where you can be nurtured, inspired and rejuvenated in a nourishing environment. The Essence of Spa and Wellness is reconnecting, revitalizing and reclaiming your spirit. The same spirit that exists on Planet Earth, one of harmony, equanimity and synchronicity.

Anita will customize corporate retreats and wellness packages to suit your business needs. Please contact her for a consultation and to experience one of her RasaBhavaBeauty treatments!

Transform your business into something extra ordinary! Business with a Consciousness.

Corporate Services offered:

~Facilitate Retreats

~ Technical trainings

~ Art of Spa and Ritual of Service

~Retail Inspiration

~Stress Management Rituals – Yoga and Meditation workshops

Contact:  Anita Sundaram

table set up- pic #1 beauty offerrings
Sacred space – Ayurvedic beauty treatments in Ojai, CA


“Beauty is not a veneer upon things; it is not skin deep;it is not something added to make an ugly thing acceptable. It belongs to the nature of the thing made. “ ~ Unknown


Anita Sundaram    | |  skype: anita.sundaram1

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