Rasa Bhava Beauty Services

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Ayurvedic Facial in Ojai

Rasa Bhava Beauty Services

” Beauty is not just in the face, Beauty is a light in the Heart ” ~Khalil Gibran

Choose a sacred healing ritual to nourish, transform and inspire you to journey gracefully in life. Enjoy!

Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation

What makes this facial unexpected is the integration of polarity touch, use of marmas (vital energy points), stimulating scalp, ear massage and customized aromatic essential oils that will deeply calm, refresh, and re-energize your face and whole body.

I utilize the therapeutic power of botanicals and essentials oils to nourish, heal and calm the skin and senses. Every experience is customized according to your specific skintype. Deep exfoliation and unique marma therapy work with dosha specific essential oils are used during your sublime massage movements. The potent regenerative properties of a healing mask is used leaving you skin hydrated, nourished and radiant! Most of all this holistic facial will  support inner peace, physical relaxation and  stress management.


Ayurvedic Herbal Face Cleanser ~ proprietary blend of herbs, legumes, sandalwood and rose for cleansing and exfoliating the face gently. Made with love by Anita

4oz jar – $25 ( contact Anita via email @ anita.sundara@gmail.com to purchase )


Ayurvedic Herbal face cleanser




Ayurvedic Body Rejuvenation

This beautiful east Indian bodywork  called Abhyangha uses long fluid strokes with customized herbal oils and marma point therapy on the feet and scalp to detoxify, nourish and revitalize the whole body.

Soul Nourishment!

75min- $145

Stress Relieving Therapy

One of my favorite stress relieving treatments. An amazing head (moon) and feet (sun) nourishing session. I incorporate herbal oils, warm aromatic steam towels, marma point massage on the feet and head. I soothe the scalp with warm herbal oils (this is optional!) and using pressure point gestures, massage and brushing the scalp and hair, I then wrap the head in a warm aromatic towel allowing the mind to rest. We will finish with a yummy herbal tea. Excellent for mental fatigue, tired weary feet, dry scalp and hair.

You will leave with oil conditioned in the hair to be shampooed at home.



Smell is liquid Memory

Potent wizard I call them! Essential oils are magic. Think about how scents ( good and not so pleasant) ignite memories is us. Our brain is like a tape deck, once we smell something, that reel rewinds taking us back to that time and place and we are back reliving that moment, in “grandmas garden”, walking In the jungle… Call it smell travel.

We will spend time discovering which aromas you would like blended, for your body, face, or just as a fragrance for mood.

60min-$75 consultation / Aroma blends: price will vary

Aromatherapy icon photo
Sensory pleasure- Aromatherapy for facials
My 90 minute facial with Anita was really a full body sensory experience. Anita’s warmth and ability to create a peaceful grounding environment provide an immediate sense of relaxation. She quickly assessed my skincare needs and created a treatment plan. The incorporation of Ayurvedic practices and marma therapy allowed me to experience a deeper state of relaxation than I have in any other facial I have received. And, it lasted for several days afterwards!!  I can’t recommend Anita’s services more highly!  What a beautiful journey of health, healing, relaxation, and beauty!  Truly a soul nourishing experience! ~ Karin R.
Contact Anita @ anita.sundara@gmail.com for your appointment

Anita Sundaram  |  anita.sundara@gmail.com |  skype: anita.sundaram1

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