Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

JUNE 21-28, 2015

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Divine Beauty: A Sacred Journey into Goddess Wisdom ~ mystical Lake Atitlan and her Volcanoes





JUNE 21-28 2015

Join Laura Amazzone and Anita Sundaram for a very special journey of the heart. Seven days of discovering and igniting the potent power of the Goddess, Ayurvedic beauty rituals, Yoga, Meditation, delicious food, exploration, rejuvenation and much more in one of the most breathtaking places in the world – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.


Journey includes:

~ 7 nights accommodation in shared or single rooms

~ Solstice ceremony

~ Delicious home cooked vegetarian meals (3 meals daily)

~ Sri Yantra Teachings

~ Exploration of the Mysteries of the Tantric Goddess of Beauty-Tripurasundari

~ Yoga/Meditation

~ Ayurvedic Beauty Rituals

~ Aroma blending – your own Goddess anointing oil blend

~ Goddess Moon Pujas,

~ Temezcal – Mayan saunas

~ Swimming in the sacred Lake Atitlan

~ Exploring villages and markets around Lake Atitlan

~ Personal reflection time to relax and restore

~ Cacao ceremony

(Additional excursions and gratuities not included, flights to Guatemala not included)


Information & Registration:

Please visit www.rasabhavabeauty.com for more details about Anita Sundaram and this magical life-changing journey of divine beauty and empowerment!

To receive more info about the retreat schedule and teachings, and to register please contact Cristina: Lalitayogini11@gmail.com

A welcome packet with complete details about the retreat and Mystical Yoga Farm Retreat Center will be sent upon registration.



Private Room: $1600

Shared double/Triple occupancy: $1400

$500 non-refundable deposit due by March 31, 2015

Full & final payment due by June 1st, 2015

Payment can be made through PayPal to laura@amazzonejewelry.com (a 3.5% fee will apply), or by check payable to Laura Amazzone. Address sent upon registration with application.


Cancellation Policy:

Refund by written request only. Must receive refund request by June 1, 2015 or refund will be forfeit. Refund does not include $500 deposit.



The Farm is only a 10-minute boat ride from Panajachel, which is a 3 hour drive from Guatemala’s international airport in Guatemala City.  Private shuttles from the airport may be organized through us via email. Payments for shuttles will be paid directly to the shuttle company. Detailed transport information will be provided after booking.





           As we say Namaste or In-Lakech in Maya ~ “ The divine in me honors the divine in you “…

           We look forward to seeing you on the journey to the mystical land of the Maya!


Your Guides:

Anita ~

Me and Hula girl!

Anita’s life mission is living and cultivating a life of balance in serving others. Her lifestyle teachings have been infused by the magic of her birthplace and the spiritual healing lineage within her family. Born in Mysore India, Anita continues to draw inspiration from her mother who is her spiritual teacher Swamini Srividyananda.

Anita has always connected with sacred rituals and believes the elements to lasting beauty are more than skin deep. She created Rasa Bhava Beauty, a haven for Soul Nourishment, to provide clients an opportunity to immerse oneself in the nourishing elixir of life and taste the magic of self-transformation. As a licensed face and body therapist she believes in the magic of botanicals and essential oils to balance and heal the senses. Her knowledge of skincare, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Nutrition and Sacred Rituals elevates the soul experience to another level.

Anita also facilitates YTT with School Yoga Institute and Sadhana Yoga School, leading 200/500 YTT worldwide.

  In her words: “I get real joy from helping people experience their true divine self, inner light, and witness a-haa moments. I believe when you fulfill your purpose (Sankalpa) with meaning it gives you that electrifying juice (Rasa) and the essential inner-connection to the Divine (Bhava). The essence of Self- RasaBhava”

I look forward to seeing you on this journey!





LAURA MALaura Amazzone, M.A. is a teacher, priestess, intuitive healer, and yogini. She is the author of the award-winning book, “Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power.” Laura has been initiated into the Shakta, Sri Vidya and Kashmir Shaivism Tantric lineages. Much of her work focuses on the history and ritual practices of the Shakta Tantric tradition; however, she also enjoys sharing her depth of knowledge on Goddesses from cultures around the world. Laura offers a diverse array of teachings, rituals, spiritual practices, pilgrimages and retreats that promote spiritual empowerment and divine embodiment.




DSC_0511 copy

tasting the sweet nectar of LIFE!






              Teachings, Schedule, Optional Adventures


goddess pic

To worship Goddess, one must become Goddess.

~A Tantric teaching

Come discover the mysteries and powers of Goddess Lalita, also known, as Tripurasundari Lalita is the Keeper of the Mysteries of the Sri Yantra, a sacred meditative diagram representing the creation and dissolution of the Universe and Divine Union Within. The Sri Yantra and teachings and practices around Lalita are a path of energy and power.

We will begin on the Summer Solstice, the shortest night of the year and celebrate the light of Consciousness as Lalita. During this retreat we will honor Lalita energies of beauty, play, delight, pleasure and bliss within and around us through meditation, guided visualization and mantra.

Every evening we will perform a Goddess moon puja (ritual) to one of the 16 lunar Nityas, Goddesses who are each an aspect of Tripurasundari/Lalita and represent the various stages of the light of the waxing moon and rule over various aspects of our lives.

We will weave in the beauty of Ayurveda and Yoga. How can we radiate from the inside out? How can we embody beauty? We will immerse ourselves in nourishing beauty rituals daily, aromatherapy anointing oils, learn simple lifestyle rituals, beauty and health secrets to stay vital and Radiant!


The essence of this immersion is to cultivate and honor The Art of Sacred Beauty, and to enjoy time and space to discover a connection to the truth of who you really are and begin to cultivate a daily practice which supports a harmonious flow of energy, while on retreat and most importantly when you return home.


Why Honor Her?

For millennia people have used re-treat, rituals and sacred contemplation in living a life of balance. Spending time for us brings change to our lives in many ways.

During this retreat together we will dive into :

* Diving into Goddess wisdomBeauty /Play/Mystery – Introduction to Tripurasundari, and 3 of Her potent forms (Lalita, Tripurabhairavi, Saraswati & the Kumari)

*Ayurvedic BeautyBeauty is more than skin deep! Prized for cultivating both inner and outer beauty. The art of Rasa rituals (self- massage, aromatherapy anointing oils, face and body scrubs, sacred bath, cultivating radiant lifestyle)

*Yoga/MeditationMeditation in motion – Daily yoga, pranayama and heart felt movement with a view of the sacred volcanoes and Lake Atitlan.

*Mantra and Sacred offeringsHonoring the light of our soul –Discover the healing power of sound and connection to our Divinity in the heart, through fire ceremonies honoring various energies of the Goddess.

*Shamanic HealingRe-connect guidance with cacao and meditation to begin to shed layers and reveal our true radiant essence!

* The PlaceMystical Magical Maya – Our conscious “off the grid” living on this retreat will ignite what the wisdom keepers teach us is, simple living – high thinking through experiencing the land, and walking with a smaller footprint in appreciation of what other cultures have to offer.    


Sample Daily Schedule – no attachments!

Morning Meditation & Yoga

Breakfast & Break

Food for the Soul – a discourse


Free time – explore, rest, reflect.

Afternoon yoga – optional


Evening Ritual


Optional Adventures!

Fermentation/probiotics workshop – $35 charge if interested (worth every penny!)

Hike a volcano

Tour the beautiful lake and surrounding villages

Kayak and swim beautiful Lake Atitlan

Visit a women’s weaving cooperative

Or just laze in one of the many hammocks with a view of the Volcano and Lake



a weaving cooperative – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala



Market shopping in Santiago – Lake Atitlan



Hammock Restoration – view of Lake Atitlan



morning contemplation on the dock- Lake Atitlan



Evening Pujas – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala



Anita Sundaram  |  anita.sundara@gmail.com |  skype: anita.sundaram1


             It is the rituals of Life that make Life Sacred …Om Shanthi


Sri Yantra

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