Lifestyle Retreats


The Sacred Valley- Peru


Lifestyle Retreats

To put it simply my journey on this path is to create, live and share a balanced joyous life.  A lifestyle that infuses the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, Travel, Adventure and Soul Nourishing Treatments, woven in with laughter, fun and giving back  to support health and wellness on a deep visceral level.

I have a passion for travel, immersion into the culture and rituals of sacred indigenous people, helping children and animals, adventure and Food (of course!) Whether it happens on my own turf in Southern California or better yet to step off the mat and experience epic, magical ports of call from Lake Atitlan Guatemala, Mexico, Fiji, Bali, India and wherever my Magic carpet takes me!

My mission is to inspire and enrich people’s lives, from my Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga/Ayurveda excursions and Lifestyle retreats for the Soul.  I believe in  creating an “experience” of the heart, a journey into  something sublime and transformational. This is what life is ALL about, moments that take your breath away!



Goyo and Anita – Satyam Healing Arts

My husband Goyo Fawley and I continue this mission with our lifestyle company, SatyamHealingArts, in the belief that we all desire a little more balance in life but sometimes forget how to stay connected to it.  We are dedicated to supporting and inspiring individuals seeking a holistic and complementary approach to health, wellness and lifestyle practice through the traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda.

“Its powerful when we are reminded of the beauty and peace when living a life of balance, in close connection to that which matters which we most cherish. We are delighted to serve and inspire this life fantastic.” ~ Goyo Fawley

Come join us on our journey!

May we always live in truth, purity and beauty.

Anita & Goyo & Hula Girl

2013-08-11 16.12.15 copy

Hula girl- my best friend with george

Where the Spirit lead the feet will follow, down distant paths for unmapped miles. Heads forget but hearts remember.

The Art of Living knows no bounds.




Anita Sundaram  | |  Skype: anita.sundaram1

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