Sankalpa – The Sadhana of Intention

                  “The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose”


Sankalpa Yoga & Ayurveda

This article has a very personal and emotional meaning for me. I write this as part of a letting go ritual.

I LOVE teaching! I love sharing from the heart, from layers of experiences I have gathered from many teachers and ports of call. I LOVE the fact we learn what we teach, and  I LOVE the sacredness of what yoga, ayurveda and beauty infuse into my life.

Our community yoga studio closed its doors end of 2013 where I (we) had the opportunity to teach and grow. With some hesitancy but enough trust and faith on my part my husband and I along with few passionate spirits decided it would be a great idea to transform the studio. New name new energy. To be the caretakers of the “new” space. Wonderful right?  A platform to allow others to share their magic and keep our yoga home in the community.

Now fear and insecurity can be an ugly thing. It began to rear its head in my partners mind. Are we doing the right thing? What if it fails? Where will the teachers come from?… on and on with the monkey chatter. We have all been here, and the story goes on like a broken record. Vacillations and Vrittis of the mind as the sutras tell us can be dangerous if not tamed.The lease is signed, we have a support team and all is ready to go with our new logo, name, space cleansed, intention etc.

To back up a little a new name came to me one day in meditation. The space was to be called Sankalpa yoga center!

Frozen in time, in the mind, immobile we have hit the pause button. He ( my husband ) does not want to move forward. Now I am in a fog. Yes or no is all I am waiting for. Now I am imagining the space, beautiful drapy linens, workshops, YTT, Indian meets California surf! Start small and build. He decides to pull the plug. My goodness!

Pushing kills desire! Many tears and emotional heaviness I finally had to let go and surrender to what is. I am tired. To force something is detrimental! When there is NO clear intention, our lives become run by desire, fear, intentions from other people and situations.

It is interesting this lesson of Sankalpa. It is important to connect the thinking mind and body to our True Self, our individual Consciousness. San – means clear, strong, Kalpa – means creating something for a purpose. In partnership when both are not on the same page, or have the same purpose in that situation it is impossible! Do you not agree?

The sadhana ( practice) is to listen to the voice of the heart. It will never steer us wrong. As Gurmayi Chidvilasanada says,”When there is clear intention, there is a clear attainment.”

This story ends with the yoga studio closing. I know for my husband it is peace of mind and heart, and this is the most important thing. No judgement. I thank you all for your support and love always.

My practice is to remain open to the infinite possibilities that the Universe has in store for us. I Anita know that there will be another Sankalpa Yoga & Ayurveda center somewhere, someplace in time. This is my intention!

Stay tuned…. thank you for listening. I love you Goyo!


Intention of living in the heart…. always

                   ” The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose “



Anita Sundaram  | |  skype: anita.sundaram1


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