The Realm of Sound

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To live in the heart is to be:


*Intoxicating, i.e.: everything is a wonder of creation

*Living in reality, in truth ( Satyam)

*In connection with the Heart of the sky and Heart of the earth

*VIBRATE at a higher frequency

We are astonishing spirit beings but have forgotten the way, and need to learn to attune to these inner instruments.

How does sound relate to this? Sound gets us out of the mind and into the heart space. Have you been somewhere and just belted out a song, knowing you were the only person around! How did this feel?

For me very liberating. This vibration begins to unlock the inner instruments, which the heart understands but the mind does not. Sound has no way of being blocked; there is no defense system. It is OUR inner constraint and resistance of mind that blocks us.

We are intimately connected to sound, what we hear and what we make has an effect on our mind and body. Everything is Vibration!

Do you believe that sound protects us? If it is the right quality, YES! Sublime mantras, sounds of nature have a vibratory pattern that begin to unspiral the constraints and fences we put up around us, and we begin to “Sound like we are”.

The magical frequency that animates YOU and ME.

So sing with your heart wide open, allow your sound to flow to the very edges of your being, no fences, and no restraints. Like a drop of water in a pond rippling beyond its boundaries.

Use song as your healer and SING TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT.

Hari Om… Hari Om…Hari Om….  I am singing this loudly for all to hear!


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Anita Sundaram  | |  skype: anita.sundaram1

Yoga Teacher Training Lake Atitalan Gutemala School Yoga Institute

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