Mother Earth & Father Sky

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Spirit Tree – She is always knowing

I appreciate all wisdom cultures, and the Mayan wisdom resonates deeply in my heart.

Last month I had the privilege of being in the presence of Miguel Angel Vergara, a shaman from Merida, Mexico. Topic – Embracing Spirit elemental.

What does this mean to you? For me it’s a strong message saying everything is a part of us, and we need to create harmony with the elements of life as it is. We have to connect our hearts with the heart of Father sky, and the heart of Mother earth.

Everything is in the memory of Mother Nature, it will be revealed when we are ready. I do believe Mother Nature is giving us a wake-up call! The elements are marvelous encyclopedias. A living library of wisdom, if we can only just go and sit in her company as speak to her/him.

Where am I going? Where are you going? Do you know?  Moments like this I will go to the ocean, or to a tall tree in nature. I ask permission to these elements to be in their space.  I invoke my higher self to the spirit of the tree and be in silence. The medicine will come.

The body of the earth records everything as does our body. We are connected to each of the elemental spirits. So why are we feeling so disconnected to these things? Have we forgotten our innocence? Too busy? Heart is disconnected? lack faith?

It is time to command life back again. It is time to “see” and awaken the heart again.

The next time you go to nature make an offering before you enter their sacred space and ask, “Could you accept this”. Do you simply break off a limb of a plant before again asking, “May I”? Something to think about.

This is only our nest for now. Let Mother Earth,  Father Sky and the rhythms of life guide us, no need to rush. It is imperative to come home to the heart, to your place. It is time to trust, and change our spiritual path. We CAN do this with the help of the Divine.

I have one piece of home play if you choose to participate.

Take 5 minutes, a drum or rattle, but most of all your intention and stop outside and connect with something in nature.  Be in the presence of their Grace.They are alive and know your intentions. Listen to the wisdom keepers for they were here first.

Hari Om!



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