To have the heart and mind of a student will ensure that learning never ends on this journey of life. Please join us on any of our workshops and retreats around the globe.

Here are some links to upcoming retreats and on going events. Hope to see you soon!

Satyam Healing Arts



An opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture so rich with magic, the Mayan heritage in all its glory. A land of volcanoes, jungle, coffee and cacao. This 200hr YTT immersion in Guatemala, Lake Atitalan a land so charged with energy it cannot be described in words. One has to feel it.

Please contact: Anita or Greg @ 562 900 0124 email: anita.sundara@gmail.com

Lake Atitalan, Guatemala. a view from the Yoga Shala in the morning… a quiet peace.

Suddha Prem Retreats

Location: Yucatan:Uxmal, Mexico


A Mayam Pilgrmage Retreat with Harijiwan. Experience the land and time of the Maya! Lunar Eclipse, Kundalini, Gong Meditation and much more. A very Sacred event.

Date: Nov 25th-Dec 1st 2012

Contact: Anita @ 562 400 4938 or email anita.sundara@gmail.com


Soul Nourishment Retreat

Any time you feel you need to feel alive and connect to yourself again book an Ayurvedic facial experience. A time for reflection, quiet surrender, a time to exhale.

Contact: Anita @ 562 400 4938 or email anita.sundara@gmail.com

“Beauty is not just in the face, Beauty is a light in the heart”…. Khalil Gibran

Global Market

Beautiful handmade gifts from around the world.

Contact: Anita for pricing / shipping information @ 562 400 4938

email: anita.sundara@gmail.com

Antigua, Guatemala

I am starting a GLOBAL MARKET venue. With my travels to Guatemala, India, Bali and beyond I come across the most wonderful items, all made by hand. Often times this work is often lost because the new generation is not quite interested in pursuing this traditional work.

My first global passport is Guatemala. Beautiful beaded bracelets, earrings and bags. Here are a few snapshots. Please call me if you would like to purchase any gifts for yourself or friends. They are truly beautiful. Hand made with LOVE.


I have many more designs for your viewing pleasure!

Next stop INDIA! I will have beautiful shawls and scarves made by tribal village women.

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