Beauty Consciousness – Slow Beauty

One of my favorite quotes that speaks to Beauty is:

“Beauty is not just in the face, beauty is the light in the heart” …Khalil Gibran

This is such a perfect statement especially in this season of holiday cheer and gift giving. Before settling on the west coast, I lived in Manhattan, New York, a city that never sleeps. My most favorite time of year is Christmas. All the windows are dressed like magical fairy- lands, vendors roasting chestnuts and serving hot cider, and holiday music everywhere. There is a bustle in the air, an essence of giving, charity and kindness.  I relished crunching in the snow and window gazing at the enticing adornments. Beauty all around at any given moment, speaking in all colors making my senses quiver. A secret seduction she is!

So we primp and fuss and decorate ourselves in honor of this time of year. We cook, and smell and taste a symphony of delicious mouth watering beautiful meals. We wrap all shapes of brilliantly colored packages to be opened for awe and wonder. All of this IS beautiful, an intention of gratitude to be shared with friends and family.

Why not light up a child’s heart (a little person you do not know), gift something to someone who is less fortunate, smile for no reason to a passerby, pay for the cup of coffee for the person standing in line behind you. Cultivate unexpected sparks of light and beauty for no reason at all. This I feel is beauty, the light in the heart.

So no matter where you live, in this season of hustle and bustle take a moment to do 3 things daily:

  1. Inhale, LOVE and Exhale Gratitude
  2. Offer something selflessly
  3. Laugh till your belly hurts

Oh and one more thing, the best beauty medicine is just LOVE.



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