Rasa Bhava Beauty SlowBeauty -Meditation in Motion“ A great stillness arises within me, an unfathomable sense of peace, and within that peace there is great joy, and within that joy there is love, and at the inner most core there is the sacred, the immeasurable, THAT which cannot be named.”

I am not sure who wrote this quote, but it speaks volumes to surrendering to the Sacredness of Life. The practice of meditation often I feel brings a sense of strain and more calamity in the minds of people by the mere thought of it, “ gosh now I have to sit and meditate !”

How can we still the mind, nourish this sacredness in life and begin to create a quality of Rasa, peace and equanimity. Call it meditation, stilling the mind, surrender to silence or simply Soul Nourishment.  Let me explain the concept of RasaThe literal translation is juice, sap, taste or transformation. In Ayurveda (Science of Longevity- from India) it is the concentrated essence of something, like the aromatic essence from an essential oil, or the juiciness of a ripe mango. It is the energy that animates and nourishes our cellular being. Think of it as water quenching a desert, the feeling tone after a massage, a great yoga class, or a breath taking moonlit night. What happens to the mind during moments of such sublime pleasure? The intellectual mind is paused, and there is a quiet communication from the Universal Master to the inner core of our being, and a blissful feeling vibrates in us. Wow!

This feeling of Rasa needs to be awakened for transformation to happen. We have had this feeling at some point in our life when time seems to stand still. For me, in India it is when the jasmine flowers are in full bloom at night. The air is warm, cars and music are blaring, night vendors are sizzling yumminess in huge cauldrons of hot oil, and the ONLY thing I can smell is this intoxicating aroma of jasmine. I take a huge breath and I feel like life has such a robust, juicy essence. Is this meditation? I feel it is, complete absorption in the existence of Life.

Robert Svoboda a great Ayurveda scholar says, “ Existence without juice is dry and tasteless, Rasa is life’s fluid reality, life juice in every sense of the word.”

Allow me to add one more piece to this commentary. In order for this Rasa to bubble joylessly we MUST be present and aware of our true feelings. Unfortunately we live in such a hurried fast pace society, sometimes we feel like we are going through the motions, on autopilot, lack of connection, eating without tasting, and become so fragmented in mind and heart.

Bhava is the connection to the divine, our own inner connection to our true spirit and the environment around us. Often when we become so mechanical in thought and action, the results may be fantastic but often there is a missing link in the heart, the juiciness is not there.

Tuning into our inner Bhava (inner spirit) and paying attention to the song of the heart will enliven Rasa.

We all can cultivate nourishment of the soul- Rasa Bhava. Start by paying attention to life’s energy, the cosmic wisdom of Nature and our inner feeling. Ask yourself what brings you peace? What is your passion and deepest driving desire? Once you become aware of this, Rasa is cultivated and the sap will flow again, your spirit is re-kindled and magical things begin to happen.

Meditation comes in many forms. Next time your are walking on the beach, really be present and mindful, stop and smell flowers on the way, look up at the heavens and repeat a word of gratitude, and maybe just take a long slow deep juicy breath.

This is my experience of Meditation. Being able to cultivate an existence that is juicy and ripe (Rasa) in ALL that we do, so that our true nature the very core of our sacred being is at peace. This is Soul Nourishment!

Enjoy the journey!

May we all be at peace. Om Shanti.                                   Anita Sundaram  Rasa Bhava Beauty  Satyam Healing Arts

Anita Sundaram

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