What a year this has been! So much transformation and change. Needed change, for our Universe is calling us to do so. Being connected to Spirit, not only external but our inner Spirit, our inner wisdom is the ultimate in service to mankind.

We are living in such a chaotic moment on planet earth now! Everything moving like a spinning top, including humans!  Why?  The time has come to  SLOW DOWN….               Pay attention…. Listen… Whisper…. Breathe. I do believe slowly the Consciousness of Mother Earth is changing, uplifting us from darkness to light. You might not believe in the mystical aspect of things, but this year according to the Mayan calendar Dec 21, 2012  is the Lunar Feminine activation. A time of change, a time for the light to shine bright and envelop all of us with the healing “lunar” qualities that really make up our true spirit.

So I urge you ( and me ) to always affirm that we are of Spirit, of divine source. Let us be our own lamp and let truth be our light.  This is Rasa Bhava Beauty!

I leave you with this message:

“Wherever you go in the midst of movement and activity, carry your stillness with you. Then the chaotic movement around you will never overshadow your access to the reseviour of creativity, the field of pure potentiality.”

I hope to see you soon. Enjoy the journey!  Om Shanti

                                                   BEAUTY. DIVINITY. TRANSFORMATION

2 thoughts on “NAMASTE WORLD!

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